VM Verlags-Manager.

The all-in-one system for your media company.

Ad marketing and management or reader services – VM is the ideal software-solution for the requirements of your media company. VM is truly crossmedia: your media company requires a system which perfectly manages print, online, and crossmedia.

Central CRM with VM

The focus of your activities and VM is on your customers. The business partner environment of media companies – advertisers, agencies, readers, subscribers, authors, partners– is the hub. The system connects to this center by offering all specialist departments access to all advertising order data (order completions, orders, bookings), to all order data of sales orders (subscription, individual distribution, book, shop, events) and to editorial data (credits).

Effective Ad Sales
Data and its links create market transparency for your marketing.

Data analysis and the selection of relevant target groups in VM are the basis for generating sales impulses. Marketing campaigns such as mailings result from this data and impulses are shared with the sales force. Workflows which automatically generate tasks in the background will additionally support your processes.

VM is Number One in Order Management

There is nothing in the media industry which cannot be managed commercially by VM! Whether print, online, or crossmedia. Format ads and classified ads, online advertising, mobile advertising, ad specials, sponsorings, split-runs, and combos – the industry’s leading advertising management solution meets all challenges.

Subscription and Sales with VM-L

Reader and buyer activities are stored centrally in VM. The customer-specific history grows continuously over time and provides a complete customer and contact profile. On this basis, new potentials can be created, the reader and buyer can be offered products tailored to their needs. In this context, products can mean another subscription, only one article, participation in an event or an affiliate article.

VM for the Editorial Team

Indispensable in the editorial department is access to addresses and key figures and system-supported communication with advertising departments and sales.
VM supports and automates editorial assistance tasks such as royalty billing, rights management, voucher dispatch, user feedback processing, materials management, markup, archive links, indexes, and creation of annual content lists and offprints.

VM for

Advertising Market and Readers Business. Crossmedia. Marketing, sales and order processing: Your newspaper company benefits from the many advantages of a horizontally and vertically integrated all-in-one publishing software – VM Verlags-Manager.

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