Distribution, consulting, services
and support.

Certified muellerPrange-partners provide all kinds of services related to the system VM Verlags-Manager®.

Services for successful integration of the systems are backed up by after-sales customer care on an ongoing basis: Consulting, Hotline, Support, Training and various Technical Services.

In addition to this, our partners although offer services above and beyond the pure software context.

Solution Partners and Integration Partners are certified by muellerPrange on a regular basis. The quality of the Partner Services is assured by re-certification on each software release. Our partners offer you all the services you need to optimize the systems you use and thus support your success.

Solution Partner

Advice and services during the pre-sales phase, the roll-out period of the system and during the operational phase.

Integration Partner

Services during the roll-out period of the system and the operational phase.

PARTNER VM Verlags-Manager


Solution-Partner – Munich and Hamburg
Joachim Witte
fon +49 (89) 890 55 62-0 mobil +49 (170) 220 22 90

Mediamile Systems AG

Solution-Partner – Switzerland, Liechtenstein – Lucerne
Jürg Sommerhalder & Urs Flückiger
fon +41 (44) 268 90 50
Support 0848 30 30 48

Willi Kirisits – Austria

Solution-Partner – Vienna
fon +43 (1) 715 71 46 mobil +43 (676) 941 80 19

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